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Hey my name's Ben Weber! Welcome to a page all about me. I can't wait to work with you!

First and foremost I love God, day old Jimmy Johns bread, and hammocking. My passion is storytelling. My goal through photography is to bring attention to people and places that wouldn't otherwise get much attention.

Iā€™m a full time student at UNL majoring in ADPR. I juggle that with an internship at The Hope Venture, a local nonprofit, as well as being the youth video director at Lincoln Berean Church

I've been taking pictures and making movies since I was ten, however my skills have really progressed in the past year or so. I've worked with Clients like The Junction, Woods Bros. Realty and Nebraska Homeservices as well as multiple seniors and couples.

Some more interesting things about me are that I play ultimate frisbee sometimes, can eat at least three corndogs in one sitting, and  have lit an entire lawn on fire with only one firecracker.

If you want to get coffee feel free to hit me up!